Individual counselling 
Individuals counselling is based on development of dynamic principals through a person centered allowing individuals to develop effective goals to work towards and techniques that allow them to gain control over their quality of life and address their psychological state. Offering a range of techniques framed in a solution focused approach encourages individuals to consolidate and maintain change to effectively cope. Skills assessment, training and psycho-education complement the techniques on offer. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and are conducted in quiet and peaceful surrounds.
EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing 
Individuals counselling for EMDR  Sessions are  90 minutes in length and are conducted in quiet and peaceful surrounds. The proceses is unque to the individual and sessiion numbers are dependent on the progress of the process.
Hypnosis based in the Ericksonian approach is also offered. Hypnotherapy is a process in finding the individuals skills which can be used to offer solutions in presenting problems.  Initial session is booked is around 90 minutes. Cost is $200 per session and may be eligible to be claimed as part of the mental health plan organised through the GP as part of the individual’s treatment plan under Medicare.
Coaching, the development, establishment and training, and of a person to achieve specific personal or professional goals they identify by creating positive change in their personal and professional life. Using positive psychology and ACT framework, achievements of goals are based on the expansion of individual’s strength to ascertain strengths and maintain change.