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At Psych In Sync is a Psychology practice caring for people through interpersonal counselling.  The aim of developing a dynamic self-management approach  to allows the individual to develop effective goals is the focused of counselling.  


Clients are encouraged to work towards these goals through techniques that allow them to gain a sense of control over their quality of life and address their psychological state. 


The therapeutic modalities include ACT, CBT, EMDR and CBMT, through a person centred, solution focused approach and with skills training, vocational redirection and psycho-education.

Addressing areas of personal life, work life and relationships, counselling offers techniques, strategies and skills that help individuals navigate difficult times.






         LOCATION:     Ballarat Business centre

                                      6 Lowe St  Ballarat Central     3351        



          Phone:          61) 0488316363

          Hours:         Monday          9.30am    to    4pm

                                Tuesdays        Closed

                                Wednesday    9.30am    to    5pm

                                Thursday        9.30 am   to    6pm

                                 Friday             9.30 am   to    2pm

                                 Saturday       Closed 

                                 Sunday          Closed

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