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Katrina is offering telehealth appointments  under the medicare scheme for all mental health issues.   Using a person centred approach to focus on empowering the individual to develop a range of skills that address a range of mental health issues.
Teaching mindfulness, a set of realistic beliefs in themselves along with a positive attitude are great directions her therapy.  Improving the self, working on motivation, through aspects of compassion and a realistic approach, Katrina encourages individuals to seek and maintain the best they can be.

Education and counselling in pain management and how to develop a range of techniques that will allow the individual to cope with the difficulties of living with persistent pain. Fibromyalgia, the ins and outs of coping with this condition, based from Katrina's research and many years of running programs especially targeting this condition. 

Consultations for development of skills to address psychological symptoms of fibromyalgia given Katrina's interest in fibromyalgia, is also offered.
Please contact Katrina on 0488316363 for further information.  
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