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Published Research Articles

Publications on Fibromyalgia:

Malin K, Littlejohn G Psychological control is a key modulator of fibromyalgia symptoms and comorbidities. J Pain Res 2012; 5:463–71

Malin K, Littlejohn G Neuroticism in young women with fibromyalgia links to key clinical features. Pain Res Treat 2012; 10:1–7

Malin K, Littlejohn GO. Personality and fibromyalgia syndrome. Open Rheumatol J 2012; 6: 273-85.

Malin K, Littlejohn GO Stress modulates key psychological processes and characteristic symptoms in females with fibromyalgia. Clin Exp Rheumatol 2013; 31(6 Suppl 79) S64–71

Malin K, Littlejohn G Psychological fibromyalgianess exists on a continuous spectrum. Austin J Orthop Rheumatol 2014; 1(1):1–7

Malin K, Littlejohn G Rumination modulates stress and other psychological processes in fibromyalgia. Eur J Rheumatol 2015; 4:143–8

Malin K, Littlejohn G Psychological factors mediate key symptoms of fibromyalgia through their influence on stress. Clin Rheumatol

Book Publication:

2011: (co-author) mentoring chapter in “People development: an inside view to developing individuals, leaders and organization, O’Toole, Ferres and Connell (eds)

2013:” The biopsychosocial approach to health”, (Chapter) in Let’s start talking, Bev Brough (ed)

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